Qoro Quando short biography








Qoro Quando is a chamber choir founded in Vantaa in 2001. The most enjoyable quality of Qoro Quando is the people and the joy of singing together. Over the years the people in the choir have formed a close bond of friendship; we also enjoy spending time together outside of the primary choir activities. The singers in Qoro Quando all share a great passion for singing and a desire to develop and improve as individuals and as a chamber choir as a whole. In Qoro Quando, we strive to create high quality music without being too serious. The chamber choir’s repertoire has diversified and expanded over the years and consists of a range of pieces from folksongs to traditional choir music; from easy listening to pop.

Qoro Quando has improved greatly over its lifetime thanks to our long-term commitment to well organized rehearsals; in recent years we have achieved gold medal awards in competitions and reviews in which we have participated. We reached gold rank at the International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition in Austria in 2011, at the World Choir Games in Latvia in 2014, and the Tampereen Sävel Chorus Review in 2015.

The choir has been conducted by Jori Männistö since 2008.